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Gorji Web, with several years of experience in the field of website design services, is ready to provide SEO services and site optimization for various businesses. You can contact Gorji Web for information about the site SEO rate and free consultation or fill out the free consultation form so that Gorji Web experts will contact you.

Professional site SEO, site optimization and site ranking increase in Google results

If you as a business owner have a website, but you are not on the first page of Google, you are far from success. The reason why it doesn’t appear in Google results is that you don’t see inappropriate website design, but you neglected to build the site and optimize the site, which makes you earn and work and creates a fundamental opportunity for your brand to shine.

SEO or Search engine optimization (Wikipedia) is actually improving the content and performance of the website based on Google standards in order to increase the ranking of the site in search engines. The benefits of the site are branding, being seen on the first page of Google, increasing site traffic, attracting more and increasing revenue. So, in short, it means finding valuable keywords, targeting selected keywords on website pages and placing these pages in the top ranks of Google.

The requirement for success in excellent website design is comprehensive presentation and reference from reliable sources. Among the other important factors that are evaluated by Google algorithms to determine the rank of your site, I can mention the speed of loading the site, the compatibility of the site with mobile phones (responsiveness of the website), and the quality of the site, the security of the site. did It is necessary to know that the site is a continuous and long-term process and does not happen overnight. In addition, you should note that Google changes its algorithms every year, so website SEO techniques are not fixed and must be done according to Google’s criteria. The field of website design is a big world that you can use to generate income.


Gorji Web SEO services include free professional SEO consultation, detailed site status review, finding the best keywords, internal and external site, local and technical site (including site code optimization), increasing site speed, competitor analysis, site growth status report, etc.


SEO Cost

The SEO rate of the website by the Gorji SEO specialists depends on several factors. Among the factors of the site’s result on the site’s SEO price, I can mention the duration of the website’s life, the website’s current quality rating, the amount of keywords and the time it takes to reach the desired result of the employer.

Remember that SEO is cheap because, if successful, it is an investment with long-term returns. If you are looking for an experienced SEO expert, you can contact Gorji Web. Among the seo services of Gorji Web is free consultation for internet business owners.


In general, there is no definite answer for the time, but if the process in principle produces good results in Google Binnen, six months to 9 months will be done.

Site SEO is influenced by many factors. An SEO expert can only assure you of the quality of the work performed on your site and can have good results for your site.

SEO is a specialized process based on experience and knowledge. It is recommended to entrust your site to a professional expert if you do not have enough experience and knowledge.

The SEO rate depends on many factors (including the current state of the site) and is not a fixed amount.