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One of the most important Gorji Web site design services is increasing and improving the loading speed of WordPress sites. Every professional website should have the right speed to provide a good user experience and meet the needs of users. Delay in loading website pages leads to loss of customers. Website design considering the optimal speed for all website pages, it will be possible to attract more customers and get a higher ranking in Google.

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Website speed and performance

A website that loads slowly won’t get as much attention as a website that loads faster. Oftentimes, website designers don’t know exactly how site speed affects the user experience and, ultimately, how successful the website is at doing its job.

Site performance and user experience

The first time website speed and performance affects user experience is when site visitors try to access your content. Statistics show that Internet users expect websites to load in less than three seconds. Imagine a user who came to your website looking for information or a product to buy, leaves before getting what they wanted.

Despite all your efforts to attract visitors, it’s not going well at all. If the user leaves the site, it is not because the design or content of your site is not attractive, but because your website is slow. Additionally, more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which are slower than desktop and laptop connections.

Site performance and customer experience

If you run an online store, it’s essential to optimize your store site’s performance not only while visitors are viewing product pages, but also when they’re selecting products to buy and attempting to complete a purchase. If the online store’s customer experience is unsatisfactory, potential customers will leave the site and likely never return.

Website speed and performance and technology

One aspect of site performance that is often overlooked is the impact of site performance on search engine rankings. Google penalizes slower sites in search results while rewarding faster sites. This is because if it takes 5 or 10 seconds for the result page to load every time you click on a search result from Google, you’ll get frustrated and over time you may end up using a different search engine.

Site performance and your brand

Designing the best looking website and presenting it to your visitors while it is slow to load all the elements, images and content is a challenge that makes your efforts ineffective. It is necessary for business owners to be aware of the impact of site performance on their brand and to evaluate site performance.

Whether you own a business website or a site for your hobby or personal interests, paying attention to the loading speed of your web pages and the speed of your shopping cart is essential. Imagine that you go to a car dealership with interest in buying a car. The salesperson you’re talking to says, “Thanks for coming to our showroom…take a look, this is our best car!” And when you look where they’re showing, you see a car that barely moves and is in dire need of a paint job.

This is exactly how users feel when your website is slow and performing poorly. Website performance is a reflection of your brand, and a website design with slow loading speed that frustrates users leaves a negative impression of your brand.

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Factors that cause pages to slow down

An image-heavy site design, especially on sites with responsive or high DPI images, can load slowly. Optimizing images can make your website lighter; So it can distribute them through a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver those files from a location closer to the user’s location.

If your web page has large files that need to be loaded, it will slow down the speed. Serving too many JavaScript scripts also slows down a website page. A JavaScript minification tool will reduce your download size. Unused code, be it CSS, JS, or other scripts left in the page’s HTML, causes the page to load slowly.

The tariff for increasing the speed of the site is determined by Gorji Web considering all the above factors. The time to optimize the speed of the site also depends on the current state of the client’s site and the amount of errors and its content.


The most suitable number for the speed of a website is between one and five seconds.

There are various tools for testing site speed, including using Gtmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights