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Website Design and Development Packages

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Website Design and Development Packages

The fee for website design depends on various factors, such as whether the website is for an online store or a company, the number of pages it will have, and more. GorjiWeb offers web design services using code through different plans, allowing users to select the specific services they need and obtain information about the pricing for their website design. If you are interested in requesting website design using PHP, please feel free to reach out to us for consultation and setup assistance.

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How is the website design fee calculated? The cost of building a website and online store in 2023

The website design fee varies as each website project is unique and tailored to the specific requirements of the employer. Numerous factors influence the cost, including the type of website, such as a corporate website, online store website, or dedicated website, the number of website pages, mobile and computer responsiveness, basic SEO, website speed, programming language, among others. Each of these factors demands time and effort from the website designer, ultimately affecting the final price of the website design.

Factors affecting the price of website design

Site hosting and domain:

The host is the location where the website’s content is stored. The cost of obtaining a host varies based on the amount of site information and traffic. Also, website domains are registered with different extensions like .com and .co, which are among the most popular domain extensions. The price for each of these extensions differs. Therefore, employers must pay a specific yearly fee for hosting and domain extensions based on the type of hosting and domain extension used.

قیمت طراحی سایت

Type of website (corporate site, store site or dedicated site):

Designing a corporate website is typically less expensive for the employer than creating a store or exclusive website, as it generally necessitates less frequent updates and lacks an online payment and sales portal. In contrast, store website design is more costly due to additional features like membership, product specifications and images, a complete shopping cart, product comparison, wish list functionality, etc. Additionally, designing a coded website is pricier than using a pre-made template (e.g., ThemeForest site). However, experts in this field typically recommend that individuals building a store website use a dedicated template instead of coding to avoid excessive costs. The realm of website design is vast and can be a valuable asset to your business.

Various content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento can be utilized for website design. Using WordPress’s pre-existing facilities significantly lowers the cost of designing a website, as opposed to coding a website from scratch. Conversely, requesting a custom website with unique features to be fully coded by a programmer raises the cost of website design. Gorji website design offers general features such as responsive design, website gallery page, sample pages, and fast loading times. However, special requests for features like designing an online chat system or making the website multilingual incur an additional cost.

Site optimization and SEO:

Factors that directly affect the cost of website development include site optimization and SEO. Optimization is a crucial aspect of the website design process, wherein the website codes are optimized to improve website speed scores using Giti-metrics speed test sites. Such website optimization serves as the groundwork for SEO, which is pivotal to the success of an online store. SEO comprises a set of activities that enhance a website’s ranking in Google search engine results. The cost of site SEO depends on several factors, such as the performance of competitors, keyword difficulty, website type (company or store), etc. At Gorji Web site design, basic SEO is included in all website designs.

Site security and support:

Site security and support is another factor that affects website design costs. Various security plugins can be employed to prevent unauthorized access to the site and safeguard user privacy, reducing the website’s susceptibility to cyber-attacks.


The cost of website design varies significantly based on the website’s features. For detailed information on the pricing of corporate and store website design at Gorji Web, please click here.

Yes, the corporate site costs less due to limited features.

The cost of website development is not fixed and is determined by the nature of your order and specific requirements.

Certainly, you can request to add a payment gateway to your company website and have your store website developed by Gorji Web.



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