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With the increase of online purchases in the last decade, the design of online store sites has been launched with a great variety. A site designed based on website design standards can offer your services even during non-working hours and attract customers from all over the country for your business. Gorji Web site design company implements the services of building a store site, creating a corporate and exclusive site, SEO and site optimization, and increasing the speed of all types of websites based on the principles of site construction and according to customer orders.

One of the important factors in building an online store is to follow the principles of site optimization and SEO, as well as the high speed of page loading, which increases the site’s rank on the first page of Google and, as a result, increases site traffic and attracts more users.

SEO of the website is a process of development and time-consuming, which should be updated continuously and constantly, in the case of website codes are updated by SEO experts. The current state of the website, the field of activity and the position of competitors and Google’s algorithms are influential factors in the duration of the site. The SEO contract is usually in the form of a monthly payment with the SEO expert, during which monthly or six-monthly reports are used.

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Another important factor in building all kinds of corporate and store sites is the responsiveness of the website. In building a responsive site, users who visit the website with a mobile phone, tablet or computer have a standard view of the site and access facilities for convenience.

Another important factor in creating a site is site security so that the site is safe from hackers and the information of site users is preserved. In web design with WordPress, site security is secured in many cases by installing plugins.

The cost of creating a website for each website is determined according to the facilities considered by the employer. In short, the cost of designing a website is affected by factors such as the type of host and domain chosen by the employer, whether the site is a company or a store, building a site with WordPress or PHP, using a ready-made template or coding from zero to a hundred websites, site support, the number of site pages, facilities such as Online chat system and site responsiveness, site SEO, etc.

Website design company

The website design company provides services based on the design and maintenance and support of store websites, corporate and exclusive websites. Usually, the services of a professional website development company include designing 0 to 100 websites according to the client’s order, providing site security, site support, SEO consulting, site SEO and improving the site’s ranking in Google, content production, etc. To find the best website design company, check the company’s website design portfolio and then order the website design.

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Corporate website design

Building a professional corporate website is usually done with the aim of showing customer service. One of the advantages of building a corporate website is to introduce the company and brand 24 hours a day and attract customers. The facilities of a company website are generally less compared to a store website, and usually a company website does not have an online payment gateway. The cost-effectiveness of a company’s website compared to other advertising methods such as posters, billboards, etc. in the long run is a point that companies should always pay attention to.

The cost of building a corporate website using ready-made WordPress templates is cost-effective. Of course, if the employer intends to provide new services and needs special facilities, it is better to use a dedicated design that is coded by a programmer from zero to a hundred sites. To order a corporate site and to know the price of creating a site, contact the Gorji Web consultants or enter your phone number through the online chat of the Gorji Web site so that the consultants of the Gorji Web design company will contact you as soon as possible.

برای مشاهده نمونه کار وبسایت شرکتی توسط گرجی وب کلیک نمائید.

Store website design or e-commerce website design

A professional store site or E-Commerce is usually done with the aim of bringing products to a larger geographical environment and as a result, more sales and income. Among the advantages of designing a store website with WordPress, we can mention the affordable price, the possibility of installing an online payment gateway, etc. After creating a store website, SEO of the store site is important so that the site can be seen on the first page of Google and attract more customers. Reaching the first page of Google and improving the site’s SEO requires constant updating of the site’s content by an SEO specialist.

برای مشاهده نمونه کار سایت فروشگاهی توسط گرجی وب کلیک نمائید.

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Dedicated website design (custom)

Customized sites are coded from zero to hundred according to the request of the employer and have special features. Custom sites do not use a ready-made management system such as WordPress. The cost of designing a dedicated website depends entirely on the client’s requests. After designing a dedicated site, in order to improve the required site rank, all pages and sites are optimized by SEO experts so that the site is exposed to customers through search engines. The field of web design is a big world that you can use in your business.

برای مشاهده نمونه کار سایت اختصاصی توسط گرجی وب کلیک نمائید.

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Frequently asked questions about website design

The duration of website design depends on the possibilities of the employer. But the minimum time to set up the site is 5 working days.

Yes, Gorji Web site design company has the possibility to create a multilingual site according to the client’s request.

Yes, all corporate and store website designs by Gorji Web are responsive for mobile phones, tablets and computers.


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